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BS Digital Marketing


Faculty of Management Sciences

BS Digital Marketing Program Educational Objectives

The BS Digital Marketing program aims to:

  • Pursue professional practices of digital marketing or advanced studies based on the technical skills and knowledge in marketing, digital tools, analytics, and supported disciplines.

  • Encourage students to develop and use abstract models in addition to applying respective technology in practical situations.

  • Provide practical skills to the students to initiate their career in industry, professional organizations, and digital marketing agencies, etc.

  • Prove mastery of the digital marketing knowledge and skills necessary to work as a professional digital marketer, by demonstrating an understanding of current digital marketing models, techniques, and practices.

  • Provide formal foundations for higher learning.



Study Level

Study Mode

Program Length

Credit Hours


Class Timings


Full Time

4 Years (8 Semesters)


Fall & Spring

Weekdays Morning

ENTRY TO BS Digital Marketing


Selection Criteria



50% marks in Intermediate ,

DAE or Equivalent qualification

Academic Qualification: 30%
Test/Interview: 70%

Need & Merit Based upto 100%

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Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
Semester 7
Semester 8
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ICT-101 Application of ICT 3
ENG-101 Functional English 3
SCI-101 Every Day Science 3
ECO-101 Principles of Microeconomics 3
QNT-101 Quantitative reasoning -01 (business math & stat) 3
Total   15
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
  Islamic Studies* 2
ENG-102 Expository writing 3
QNT-102 Quantitative reasoning -02 (Logic and Critical Thinking) 3
HUM-101 Human Psychology and Philosophy* 2
ECO-211 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ACC-101 Financial Accounting & Reporting-I 3
ETH-101 Professional Ethics and Community Engagement* 2
Total   18
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
  Introduction to Basic Teaching of Quran* 2
  Ideology and Constitution of Pakistan* 2
HUM-201 Sociology in Islam* 2
ACC-211 Financial Accounting & Reporting-II 3
MGT-201 Principles of Management 3
MKT-201 Principles of Marketing 3
MGT-202 Business Communication 3
Total   18
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BUS-201 Entrepreneurship* 2
DMK-211 Digital Marketing 3
FIN-201 Business Finance 3
HRM-201 HRM 3
ACC-212 Cost Accounting 3
LAW-201 Business and Corporate Law 3
Total   17
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FIN-311 Financial Management 3
DMK-311 Search Engine Optimization 3
LAW Cyber Laws and Information Security 3
ECO Digital Economy of Pakistan 3
HUM-301 Foreign Language* 2
MGT-302 Organizational Behavior 3
Total   17
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
  Introduction to Hadith & Sirah* 2
MGT-412 Research Methods 3
DMK-312 Content Marketing 3
ICT-311 Information System and Business Analytics 3
MGT-311 Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Management 3
DMK-313 Social Media and Affiliate Marketing 3
Total   17
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BUSP-401 Capestone Project 3
DMK-411 Digital Consumer Behavior 3
DMK-412 Digital Brand Management 3
HUM-401 Personal and Professional Development 3
ICT Programming Fundamentals and Web Development 3
DMK-413 Digital Customer Relationship Management 3
Total   18
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BUSP-402 Internship 3
DMK-414 Digital Skills Development 3
DMK-415 Digital Sales Management 3
MKT-419 Marketing Analytics 3
Total   12

Our graduates are serving in various national and multi-national companies. Some have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs while others are continuing higher education in renowned national and international universities. We strive to follow the motto of quality teaching and productive research.