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BS Medical Laboratory & Technology

Faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences

BS Medical Laboratory & Technology Program Educational Objectives

The BS Medical Laboratory & Technology program aims to

* Persue professional practices of computer science or advanced studies based on the technical skills and knowledge in mathematics, computer science, software engineering and supported disciplines.

* Encourage students to develop and use abstract models in addition to apply respective technology in practical situations.

* Provide practical skills to the students ti initiate their career in industry, professional organizations and software houses etc.

* Prove mastery of the computer science knowledge and skills necessary to work as a professional computer scientist, by demonstrating an understanding of current computer science models, techniques and practices.

* Provide formal foudations for higher learning.



Study Level

Study Mode

Program Length

Credit Hours


Class Timings


Full Time

4 Years (8 Semesters)


Fall & Spring

Weekdays Morning

ENTRY TO BS Medical Laboratory & Technology


Selection Criteria



50% marks in Intermediate ,

DAE or Equivalent qualification

Academic Qualification: 30%
Test/Interview: 70%

Need & Merit Based upto 100%

Apply Online



Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
Semester 7
Semester 8
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
UR-330 Introduction to Basic Teaching of Qura’an 2(2+0)
ICTL-101 Applications of Information and Communication Technologies 3(2+1)
BICL-101 Biochemistry-I 3(2+1)
FEN-101 Functional English 3(3+0)
ENT-101 Entrepreneurship 2(2+0)
ANTL-101 Anatomy-I 3(2+1)
Total   16
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EWR-112 Expository Writing 3(3+0)
UR-324 Introduction to Hadith & Sirah 2(2+0)
FOS-101 Fundamentals of Sociology 3(3+0)
QRS-101 Quantitative Reasoning-I 3(3+0)
BICL-112 Biochemistry-II 3(2+1)
PHYL-101 Physiology-I 3(2+1)
Total   17
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
UR-110 Islamic Studies 2(2+0)
UR-220 Pakistan studies 2(2+0)
PHYL-212 Physiology-II 3(2+1)
ANTL-212 Anatomy-II 3(2+1)
BLPL-201 Biosafety & Lab Principles 3(2+1)
QRS-112 Quantitative Reasoning II 3(3+0)
Total   18
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
GEP-201 General Pathology 3(3+0)
GEML-201 General Microbiology 3(2+1)
HEML-201 Haematology-I 3(2+1)
IMSL-201 Immunology and Serology 3(2+1)
HCPL-201 Histopathology and Cytopathology- I 3(2+1)
MEIL-201 Medical Instrumentation 3(2+1)
Total   18
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CBAL-301 Clinical Bacteriology 3(2+1)
CHPL-301 Chemical Pathology 3(2+1)
HEML-312 Haematology-II 3(2+1)
HCPL-312 Histopathology & Cytopathology-II 3(2+1)
MBGL-301 Molecular Biology & Genetics-I 3(2+1)
MEVL-301 Medical Virology 3(2+1)
Total   18
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MBGL-312 Molecular Biology and Genetics-II 3(2+1)
TFML-301 Transfusion Medicine 3(2+1)
REML-301 Research Methodology 3(2+1)
PAML-301 Parasitology and Mycology 3(2+1)
QCML-301 Quality Control and Lab Management 3(2+1)
Total   15
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
MLCP-624 Chemical Pathology Lab Rotation 4(1+3)
MLHT-634 Haematology Lab Rotation 4(1+3)
MLMB-624 Microbiology Lab Rotation 4(1+3)
MLHC-634 Histopathology and Cytopathology Lab Rotation 4(1+3)
UR-450 Life and living Introduction to Hadith & Seerah (Revealed Sciences – II) 2(2+0)
Total   18
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
UR-557 Life and Living (Professional Ethics in Medical Laboratory Technology) 2(2+0)
MLBW-613 Biomedical Waste Management 3(2+1)
MLCE-613 Clinical Enzymology and Automation 3(2+1)
MLMS-612 Medical Sociology 2(2+0)
MLRR-616 Research Project 6(0+6)
Total   16

Our graduates are serving in various national and multi-national companies. Some have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs while others are continuing higher education in renowned national and international universities. We strive to follow the motto of quality teaching and productive research.