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BS Botany

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences

The Department of Botany has highly competent, dedicated faculty well equipped with academic and
research capabilities to prepare national human resources in future perspective. Additionally, all our
energies promote a conducive environment of learning and grooming talent through academic and
co-curricular activities. A series of research projects are underway with industry-based objectives to foster
socio-economic growth. The purpose is to nurture well-trained visionary manpower to shoulder
responsibilities in the future scenario of developed Pakistan.

BS-Botany is a four-year program consisting of eight semesters. The Program of Botany aims to promote a
critical understanding of the utilization of plants and explore underlying mechanisms to accelerate an
eco-friendly environment. Particular emphasis is laid on applying for current advances in Genomics,
Plant Physiology, Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, Gene Transformation, Genetic Engineering, Applied Botany,
Phyto-Medicines and climate change impact assessment on the flora of Pakistan. The Department of Botany
strives to boost the diverse applications of plants and their products and to tackle emerging issues of the
rapidly growing population.

Educational Objectives of Program:

  • To find new species or do experiments to discover how plants grow under different conditions.
  • To study interactions of plants with other organisms and the environment.
  • To study how genetic information in DNA controls plant development.
  • To conduct research, act as managers and administrators, and technologist.



Study Level

Study Mode

Program Length

Credit Hours


Class Timings


Full Time

4 Years (8 Semesters)


Fall & Spring

Weekdays Morning



Selection Criteria



The applicant must have passed higher secondary school (Pre-Medical) or
equivalent with a minimum of 50 % as per HEC criteria.

Academic Qualification: 30%
Test/Interview: 70%

Need & Merit Based upto 100%

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