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Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad


Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad is a social scientist of international repute and founding Vice-Chancellor of Riphah International University. He carries a PhD from the Temple University, Pennsylvania, USA. He has held numerous academic leadership positions both nationally and internationally. He is former Vice President of International Islamic University, Islamabad and founding Dean, Faculty of Revealed Knowledge & Human Sciences, International Islamic University, Malaysia. He is former President & Secretary General of Association of Muslim Social Scientists, USA and a Fellow of The University of Sains Malaysia. He writes on contemporary social, political and cultural issues faced by the Muslim Ummah. He has contributed articles in the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Muslims World, New York, the Encyclopedia of Islam, Istanbul, Turkey, the Encyclopedia of Islamic Economy, London, the Muslim World Book Review, UK and other professional journals.


 Welcome to Riphah, the seat of higher education, learning and research. Your learning experience at Riphah shall, in-sha-Allah, help you in not only improving your level of knowledge but also assist in developing leadership qualities, culture of research, and awareness about your social responsibility. Our mission statement tells you in shortest possible words about our dream to excel in education while building ethical and moral caliber of our students. This in our view is the essence of education.

Education essentially means inculcation of values in order to civilize, initiate comprehensive development, progress and social change. Universities all over the world act as engines of change through production of knowledge. In our case our faith makes seeking knowledge an obligation on every Muslim male and female. Our Book on every page invites us to search, learn, ponder, investigate, conduct research, develop critical and analytical thinking and come up with solutions for emerging problems. This great task calls for sincerity (ikhlas), conviction (iman), continuous effort (sabr) and persistence in our striving (istiqamah) with innovative strategies (ijtihad), and ongoing concentrated initiatives (jihad).

The university is committed to inculcate global Islamic ethical values of truthfulness, honesty, trusteeship, social responsibility, and courage. We want to produce leaders in knowledge with uprightness, strength of character and humbleness. Riphah is a movement for intellectual leadership of the Muslim ummah with focus on integration of Islamic ethical values in scientific research and development.