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Bachelors of Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

Faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences

Program Objectives:

This program will provide the knowledge and practical skill to the medical lab trainees, who eould be able to …

a. Learn and apply theory and techniques in the medical pathology laboratory.

b. Avoid problems pertaining to collecting, transporting, handling and conducting tests on ;aboratory samples.

c. Confidently and correctly carry out all the bench work required for diagnostic tests in various discipline of pathology.

d. Demonstrate proper handling and preventative maintenance of instruments.

e. Convey timely laboratory results to the clinicians.

f. Perform and monitor quality control in the laboratory.

g. Assist the consultant in research.

h. Demonstrate ethical behavior and decision making.



Study Level

Study Mode

Program Length

Credit Hours


Class Timings


Full Time

4 Years (8 Semesters)


Fall & Spring

Weekdays Morning



Selection Criteria



50% marks in FSC pre-medical ,

DAE or Equivalent qualification

Academic Qualification: 30%
Test/Interview: 70%

Need & Merit Based

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Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
Semester 7
Semester 8
Course Code Name Credit Hours
RLT-601 Basic Anatomy-I 3
RLT-602 Basic Physiology-I 3
RLT-603 Basic Biochemistry-I 3
RLT-604 Basic Lab Principles 2
RLT-605 Functional English-I 3
UR-150 Life and Living Islamic Ethical Principles 2
Course Code Name Credit Hours
RLT-607 Basic Anatomy-II 3
RLT-608 Basic Physiology-II 3
RLT-609 Basic Biochemistry-II 3
RLT-610 Basic Chemical Pathology 4
RLT-611 Communication Skills (English-II) 3
RLT-612 Computer Education 2
Course Code Name Credit Hours
RLT-613 Behavioral Sciences 2
UR-250 Life and Living 2
RLT-615 General Pathology 3
RLT-616 Basic Hematology 4
RLT-617 Basic Microbiology 4
RLT-618 English III 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
RLT-619 Clinical Pathology 2
RLT-620 Basic Histopathology 4
RLT-621 Hematology Instruments/Techniques 4
RLT-622 Clinical Chemical Instruments/Techniques 4
RLT-623 Microbiology Instruments/Techniques 4
Course Code Name Credit Hours
RLT-624 Basic Medival Immunology and serology 3
RLT-625 Basic Medical virology and Mycology 3
RLT-626 Basic transfusion Medicine 4
RLT-627 Biostatistics and research methology 2
RLT-628 Medical Parasitology and entomology 3
RLT-629 Histopathology Instruments/Techniques 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
RLT-630 Chemical Pathology Lab Rotation 4
RLT-631 Haematology Lab Rotation 4
RLT-632 Microbiology Lab Rotation 4
DPPR633 Histopathology Lab Rotation 4
UR-350 Life and Living 3
Course Code Name Credit Hours
RLT-635 Quality Control for the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory 4
RLT-636 Epidemiology and community medicine 2
RLT-637 Medical Sociology 2
UR-450 Life and Living(Hadith and Seerah) 2
RLT-639 Basic molecular biology and genetics 2
RLT-640 Report writing and presentation 2
Course Code Name Credit Hours
UR-550 Life and Living(Professional Ethics) 2
RLT-642 Hospital Information System(HIS/LIS) 2
RLT-643 Internship 4
RLT-644 Management skills and Record keeping 2
RLT-645 B S Research 6

This course introduces students to the various disciplines within the health sciences, including toxicology, clinical medicine, and biotechnology. Students explore the importance of diagnostics and research in the identification and treatment of diseases.